Community presentation strives to educate about new type of healthcare

NOW: Community presentation strives to educate about new type of healthcare


ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -

Family Physicians of St. Joseph is planning to switch to Direct Primary Care in October. A community presentation is taking place Thursday about the new healthcare delivery model.

The goal of the community presentation is to educate the public on how Direct Primary Care works. State Senator Patrick Colbeck and Dr. Chad Savage will speak at the event, explaining how Direct Primary Care is different than traditional care.

With this type of care, practices take monthly fees rather than accepting insurance.

That fee will differ depending on age, but covers unlimited checkups and appointments.

Doctors keep almost constant accessibility with patients by using things like FaceTime, texts and emails to diagnose and treat without the patient coming to the office.

“One of the most exciting advantages of Direct Primary Care is that we are able…to offer discounted pricing on common medications, routine lab testing and even diagnostic testing that will be transparent and predictable to the patients without any shocking bills that show up months later,” said Allison Meadows, MD, who works at Family Physicians of St. Joseph.

It should be noted that this type of healthcare does not replace regular insurance. So any care outside of primary care is not covered under Direct Primary Care.

The community presentation Thursday is meant to answer the public’s questions about Direct Primary Care.

The free event is taking place at 6 p.m. at The Chapel on Washington Avenue.

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