Community pushes for answers into investigation of illegal tape recordings

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Community members did not just protest outside the County-City building in downtown South Bend, they took their concerns right into Monday night's common council meeting.

However, the community  did not get address the mayor, the one person they think can answer their questions about the federal investigation into illegal tape recordings at the South Bend Police department.

The mayor was not at the council meeting, but the community's demand for transparency and answers did not fall on deaf ears.

Council members and dozens of other community members listened intently as people asked that the tape recordings be released --- saying the mayor needs to stop hiding behind the excuses and explain why two people have lost their jobs..

Of the seven community members that took the floor, some called on council members to investigate this further.

Many council members agreed with the community, saying both the council and the people of South Bend have a right to know what happened.

"The gag order that is on him may be advice from his attorneys, but from the way that I took at it I have not seen any documents that prove that the mayor cannot speak," said council member Oliver Davis after the meeting.

The mayor was not in attendance at Monday's meeting. Yet, both his spokesperson and his chief of staff attended the meeting, but did not stay to hear or respond to the public commons.

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