Community taking action against growing meth problem

ARGOS, Ind. -- Heroin and methamphetamine are two drugs that are becoming a problem in Michiana. Last Friday, an employee at an Argos convenience store found meth in a candy box.

“It’s destroying everybody. It’s destroying families, children, friends,” says Linda Clevenger, founder of Northern Indiana Meth and Heroin Watch.

The employee at the convenience store said the meth was between packages of Big League chewing gum.

Police told a local radio station it was actually found on the floor.

But the employee said it was in a gum box on a shelf where anyone, even a kid, could grab it.

Clevenger says either way it’s disturbing.

“It really upsets me because that could have been a child," said Clevenger.

It’s the reason why she created a Facebook page to fight drug use in her community.

“We’re seeing things happen in the community that we never thought was going to happen in Marshall County or in Plymouth,” Clevenger said.

The site posts mug shots of alleged meth cooks and dealers. It also accepts tips from residents.

“Our main mission is actually cleaning up our neighborhoods and letting people know what to look for in their neighborhoods,” Clevenger said.

Argos Police say they are happy to have her help.

“The more eyes that are out there and the more eyes that are watching, the more tips they’ll get and the more they’ll be able to take care of the problem,” says Clevenger.

The investigation into how the meth got mixed in with the candy has been turned over to the Indiana State Police.

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