Concerns over Michigan Street project's impact on US Senior Open, local businesses

NOW: Concerns over Michigan Street project’s impact on US Senior Open, local businesses

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Michigan Street Improvement Project began June 26 and there are some concerns that the project could negatively impact the 40th U.S. Senior Open Championship and local businesses.

Some area business owners worry they will experience a drop in sales as the number of customers on Michigan Street will be limited and others worry that the timing of the project is not ideal as the championship begins Thursday morning.

Others say the improvements will be beneficial in the long run and aren't much of a worry.

“It’s some nice improvements that are happening that’s for sure,” said David Waymore, General Manager for Doubletree. “It’s gonna be a little bit of an inconvenience for us but they’re working with us where they won't have to totally close down our entrance off of Michigan.”

At the project’s end, drivers will have new angled parking on Michigan Street as well as new sidewalks, curbs and an increased flow in traffic due to the implementation of four way stops.

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