Concerns growing over access to COVID testing

NOW: Concerns growing over access to COVID testing

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.--- The increase in Coronavirus cases in St. Joseph County has had a negative affect on the number of testing sites available. The increase in hospitalizations due to Covid has limited the amount of staff that has been dedicated to testing sites in the county.

"To be honest we’ve had some challenges with testing sites lately due to staffing issues," said St. Joseph County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Mark Fox. "As the hospitals have gotten busier some people who were working in some ambulatory sites have been shifted."

Dr. Fox says the county is looking to increase the staffing and hours available to test at existing facilities.

"We’re also working to extend the availability of evening and weekend hours because it can be tough to get tested in the weekends in St. Joseph County," said Fox.

Fox says that people need to continue to stay diligent to slow the spread of the virus, especially as the temperatures get colder and flu season approaches. 

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