Concord schools' weather balloon lands in Lake Michigan

NOW: Concord schools’ weather balloon lands in Lake Michigan

DUNLAP, Ind -- Students at Concord Oxbow and Southside elementary schools team up to launch a weather balloon into the upper atmosphere. The annual launch is a form of project based learning, we’re a student research and plan about all the factors that go into a weather balloon launch. The students designed experiments and made predictions for the rig that is launched with the balloon.

"We have a lunch-able, Jell-o, Orby’s, jelly, coffee beans, cotton candy and marshmallows " says Jules Moore, a Southside fourth grader, and the student who came up with the team name " The Launchables " 

"We’ve been running some predictions and right now it’s predicted to go towards Niles Michigan" says Charlette Thomas, a fourth grader at Oxbow. 

The balloon traveled over Niles, but continued climbing to over 100,000 feet before popping and parachuting down, landing nearly 10 miles off shore off St. Joseph, in Lake Michigan. It was retrieved by the Coast Guard. 

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