Concussion bill moving through Indiana Statehouse

Indiana state lawmakers are considering expanding the requirements of education and prevention of concussions to younger kids and more sports.

All high school coaches and their assistants are required under state law to complete training and education.

But now, Hoosier lawmakers are looking to extend that to coaches and kids as young as 5th grade.

Medical professionals haven't known the full impact of concussions until recently.

Repetitive head injuries are the most damaging, which is why it's critical for coaches to remove a player immediately, to prevent another hit.

"We used to get a lot of pushback from parents, from coaches, and it's easy to say it's a state law now that you have to follow this. This isn't just me making things up as we go," said Carl Palma.

The proposed changes would require education for coaches of interscholastic and intramural teams in more than a dozen sports.

The Senate has already approved the proposal.

The sponsor of the bill is now hoping to work with leaders in the House. 

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