Controversial abortion bill signed into law

Governor Mike Pence signed a controversial abortion bill on Thursday, calling it a comprehensive pro-life measure.

Governor Pence says this new abortion law stands for the sanctity of life but political opponents aren’t buying it.

Governor Pence calls the controversial abortion bill a measure that prohibits abortions based only on the unborn child’s sex, race, color, national origin, ancestry, or disability, including down syndrome.

While Governor Pence says it was an important step in protecting the unborn, others like John Gregg, Democratic candidate for governor, say it was a move to limit women's rights.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also disagreed with the governor’s decision, taking to twitter to say, “the decision to have an abortion is for a woman to make, not the governor of Indiana.”

Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky also responded to the signing and according to our sister station, RTV6, they plan to file suit to block the new restrictions from taking effect.

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