Meeting held for the future of Union North Ambulance Services

NOW: Meeting held for the future of Union North Ambulance Services

LAKEVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ind. - Union Township and North Township are struggling to reach an agreement for their ambulance services.

Right now, the townships share ownership of two ambulances.

The judge's ruling Thursday restores access for both ambulances to serve people living in both townships.

John Lampkins, the EMS Chief of Union North Ambulance Service, says he's looking forward to helping the community.

“We will have both of our ambulances available to the ambulance service and we will be responding to Union Township, Town of Lakeville, North Township, and the town of La Paz," said Lampkins.

While there was a temporary resolution, Lampkins says a permanent solution depends on what the townships want to do going forward.

North Township issued the following statement:

"UNAS is a private service that North Township contracts with to operate the jointly owned ambulances to provide services to the residents of North Township. North Township does not have any authority over any agreements or contracts that UNAS negotiates with any other Township or entity."

The attorney for Union Township, Marcel Lebbin, says the biggest problem was that Union North Ambulance was running ambulances with medical equipment that was years out of date.

"According to the court's order, Union North Ambulance service will be required to make sure all of the medical supplies, the equipment on the ambulance are up to date and that's the most important thing," said Lebbin.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security plans to do another inspection possibly next Thursday on the Union North ambulance that failed the inspection for having expired medical supplies.

The next move for Union Township is to go into proceedings to dissolve its joint ownership of equipment.

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