Cook Nuclear Power Plant increases security

BRIDGMAN-“They’re considered a potential threat,” explains Joel Gebbie, Cook Nuclear Power Plant’s Site Vice President. Gebbie won’t give away any details, but everyone going in the facility this weekend will be watched more closely than usual.

Federal officials are warning all power plants in the U.S. to be on high alert going into the 9-11 anniversary.

It’s tough to imagine Cook being any more secure. “You have to go thru an explosive sniffer and a metal detector and you to use a badge and palm reader just to get in the plant,” says Gebbie.

Cook Nuclear Power Plant, like all others in the United States upped security after the 9-11 attacks a decade ago. “There are a lot more barriers to get into the plant,” Gebbie says.

Cook has three checkpoints now for all vehicles entering, including a mandatory search. “There are more tactics, more training, more of everything to protect the plant.”

Officials shored up the ground security because they say there protected from the air. Cook says a plane attack would be unlikely because the site's nuclear containment area is a fraction of the size compared to the World Trade Centers and The Pentagon.

Even if it were to happen, Gebbie says the containment area is reinforced with stand a crashing plane wouldn’t do any damage.

Gebbie says, “There are several ways of protecting the plant from outsiders.”

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