Cool School: Dickinson Fine Arts Academy


From the outside, the Dickinson Fine Arts Academy in South Bend seems like an ordinary middle school.

But students, like Samual James Van Goey, says at this school "you can be yourself."

Because for all of these students school is a time to tap into their creativity.

Kem Schreiber, the Magnet Facilitator, said, "we have a two period arts block that meets everyday and one of these classes is a year long fine arts class."

For fifth and sixth grade that means performing in band, orchestra or choir.

And seventh and eighth graders also get to choose a visual art class or a media tech class that could be graphic arts , radio or  television classes.

The lessons extend outside of  learning how to paint, sculpt or perform.

Maxwell Van Goey, an 8th grader, said "well, being at Dickinson has really opened my mind to the fact that I can do much more than I think that I'm capable of."

And being in fine arts classes every day helps them see the beauty in everything they do.

Marquis Bates, 7th grader, said "I play sports and do art and the fun thing about that is I can learn how to do graceful strokes with a paintbrush and then take part in track and soccer and learn how to run gracefully or kick a ball gracefully."

Making Dickinson Fine Arts Academy a very cool school.

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