Cool School: Niles High School's Agriscience program builds a garden

Cool School: Niles High School’s Agriscience program builds a garden

NILES, Mich. -

Walk to the side of Niles High School and you'll find a garden not just with flowers, but with food like cabbage and spinach.

"It's something that we've been planning for all winter," said Carrie George, the school's Agricultural Science teacher.

After a 34-year hiatus, the school brought back their agriscience program and were one of a handful of Michigan schools to receive a grant through a partnership with Tractor Supply Co. and the Future Farmers of America. 

"That grant allowed us to buy all of our equipment like our wheelbarrows, shovels, and our rakes to see the project through," said George. 

Those tools are placed in the hands of ninth through twelfth graders to upkeep the garden that they created.

"It's a new experience, it's interesting learning different plants and being able to look at something and know what kind of plant it is," said Aubrey Allen, a Niles 9th grader.

After the plants finish growing, they will be shared with the community. 

"A lot of them had suggestions of donating the produce to local organizations," said George.

Carrie says it's unique since many schools don't give their students an opportunity to see a project through.

Although teaching agricultural science can be a challenge, her kids make it easy.

"They love being out there and how hard they work and they really work together as a team to get that whole project done," said George. 

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