Cool Schools: Goshen High School students build homes

Cool Schools: Goshen High School students build homes


GOSHEN, Ind. -- 

The school year is winding down, but Goshen High School student's hammers are in full swing. At least for the students in the school's building trades class.

Their class site might not have desks or chairs, but the students are learning skills they plan to use for the rest of their life.

"Definitely a nontraditional classroom," said Adam Young, the building trades instructor for Goshen High School, "very much hands on."

The students have spent the entire school year building a home for a family in the community. 

“It’s really great to have an opportunity like this," said Bryan Hernandez, a junior at the high school. "Not any regular high school gives you an opportunity to work on a house that’s over $200,000 dollars.”

Young has been teaching the class for 14 years, so he's had a hand in 14 homes. He says these homes are filling a need. 

“There’s a need for housing because we’ve got more people that are moving into the area, more that are working in the RV industry so we need to create more homes for people,” he said. 

And allowing students to create those homes is an all-around win. Young says there’s a demand in the area for workers with the skills these students can now say they have.

Skills like framing, putting on shingles or siding, or even just how to hammer in a nail.

“In the future if I ever need something construction-wise done, I can do it myself instead of hiring someone else to do it and paying them,” said Hernandez.

Students will be wrapping up the home in just two weeks. 

Young says having these types of programs within the high school ensures all students are getting the education and learning opportunities that work for them.

“I really feel fortunate that Goshen supports all the programs that we have and that we’re large enough that we’re able to put time and resources behind the programs and make those programs successful for students,” Young said.

The home is already sold, but once it is finished in two weeks there will be an open house so the students can show it off and take pride in their work.

That open house is set for May 25th.

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