Cool Schools: La Salle Academy


Students in South Bend are being drawn in like magnets to La Salle Academy.

The principal, George Azar told ABC 57 that "the curriculum is very rigorous. Typically, our fifth-grade students do sixth grade work, sixth grade students do seventh grade work, so on and so forth. So, we elevate the type of material students see while maintaining the level they need to get in that particular grade level."

Pushing the students to keep up with a tough curriculum isn't difficult for the teachers at La Salle Academy because, as Kim Sipes, a Spanish teacher told ABC 57, "the motivation is the difference. The kids at La Salle are very motivated to learn. And they want to do well. At other schools I didn't always feel that in Spanish class at least."

And the principal of La Salle Academy says that is just one of the many perks of this learning environment.  

"The students at La Salle Academy are incredibly prepared for high school. We get wonderful feedback from our feeder schools, all of our high schools, on good feedback that our kids are well-prepared for handling the material at that level. Even our students come back and tell us that so it's very rewarding," Azar said.

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