Could changes to Notre Dame's housing policy hurt low income students?

NOW: Could changes to Notre Dame’s housing policy hurt low income students?

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Several students are taking a stand against the changes to the University of Notre Dame’s housing policy.

Last week, the university announced students will be required to live on-campus for six semesters. Previously, only first year students were required to reside in the dorms.

“Moving off campus is one of the options that students have to lower the cost of attending the university overall something I don’t believe the university had in mind when it was crafting the policy, says junior Adrian Mark Lore.

In response to the announcement, Lore has drafted a letter to send to administrators.

Since the policy starts for students in the graduating class of 2022, Lore won’t be directly affected. But, as a student of low socioeconomic status, he worries how this might affect future students in a similar financial situation.

“I sympathize with incoming students who will find it an important consideration when considering whether or not to attend Notre dame at all. Saving 1,000 to 5,000 dollars for moving off campus is really not incidental for a lot of low income students,” says Lore.

A standard on-campus room and mean plan for August 2017- May 2018 costs $14,890.

There’s a large range in costs for off-campus options, but rent for a nearby place can cost as little as $550 per month.

When you factor in the USDA’s estimate of $200 spent per month spent on groceries, students could save over $7,000.

Students can apply to be exempt from the rule, but, Lore says having to be an “exception” makes students like him feel further excluded.

“Since Notre Dame is by and large populated by students of high socioeconomic status, it seems like we are the only ones. We are the exception to all these situations,” says Lore.

Currently, the letter has been signed by over thirty students.

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