Councilman challenges proposed raises for city employees

South Bend City Council member Oliver Davis is challenging the salary increases proposed in the city budget for 2017.

The council will vote on the budget on October 24th, it has to be passed by November 1st.

The proposed budget includes raises of more than 20 percent for the City Clerk and the Director of the Parks Department.

Councilman Davis held a press conference Thursday at the County City Building, recommending the council rework the budget and allocate the extra funds elsewhere.

“Someone needs to stand up and say this is not the best for South Bend the way it’s being done,” said Davis.

Davis says he would like to see more moderate raises, closer to the 2 percent increase city employees typically see.

In a press release Davis listed the following concerns:

  1. Promoting Huge Pay Increases for numerous employees within the City of South Bend in a Climate of Financial Uncertainty in local and state Government can lead to a distrust in those who serve as public servants
  2. Requiring the Citizens of South Bend to pay increased Water Rates at the same time of proposing Huge Pay Increases to Numerous Employees does not promote harmony in our community.
  3. Not clearly promoting a clear financial plan in the 2017 City of South Bend Budget to best deal with the upcoming financial crisis which is predicted between 2018 and 2020 is not doing our due diligence as financial stewards for the City of South Bend
  4. Having the understanding that the sewer rates will most likely drastically increase in the coming years, yet promoting high pay increase for numerous employees, does not put the City of South Bend or its Citizens in the best condition to deal with this looming crisis that pertains to the EPA and the CSO – Combined Sewer Overflow
  5. Giving a large number of employees just a two percent pay increase while numerous other employees get pay increases of twelve percent or more often will negatively affect the morale of the City of South Bend employees and their families who depend upon their employment
  6. Proposing large pay increases for several  City employees who already had large pay increases just a few years ago when this administration first took office, especially during these financial times affects the public trust in its governmental leaders
  7. Approving large pay increases in the City of South Bend for numerous employees affects all public organizations in our local area that have to deal with labor negotiations and fairness in salaries and benefits.
  8. Approving large pay increases in the City of South Bend for numerous employees without including local funds to help our Homeless Population of the City of South Bend and for others who are in need makes one question the sincerity of the City Leaders of South Bend’s commitment to protect the People who live within our community

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