Councilman upset over fellow councilman's comments

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend Common Council Vice President Derek Dieter sent out a press release Wednesday about the incident that happened at Monday's committee meeting between him and Henry Davis Jr and his father.

In his release, Dieter says Monday's meeting was the worst meeting he has ever been associated with.

The incident happened during a Rules Committee meeting to discuss Henry Davis Jr's controversial Facebook post. It was captured on video [watch the video above].

During the meeting Davis Jr made a comment that upset Dieter.

"Henry Davis Jr made a public comment about me committing an act of domestic battery and added he could find 5 people to assault my wife. 'Derek Dieter beats his wife, and I get 5 people out there to do it, and now I got to have an investigation,'" said Dieter.

Davis Jr's supporters say his comment was hypothetical to prove his point. They say now the witch-hunt is on.

"It becomes 'What do we do to rid ourselves of the youngest intelligent black guy we have on this council?'" said Melvin Townsend, associate pastor of Doulos Chapel.

"They're attacking a councilman instead of focusing on the job that we hired them for. To me, what I saw was a bunch of wolves in sheep clothes," said Reverend Charles Taylor.

In the video you can hear someone scream "You're ridiculous."

It is allegedly Henry Davis Sr, the councilman's father.

Dieter says it didn't stop there.

"There were some other actions and words stated by Henry Davis Sr at the end of the meeting when he rushed up to the seating area where the council sits," said Dieter.

"Someone up there used the term 'ridiculous' and then of course, Mr. Davis, as any parent would defend their child said 'You're ridiculous,'" said Townsend.

Dieter says this behavior should not be tolerated and filed a police report about Davis Sr.

He also filed a complaint with the rules committee about Davis Jr.

On Wednesday, Davis Jr. spoke about the incident.

"Council Vice President Dieter has clearly forgotten why we are elected into office. He appears to be under a lot of stress and is directing it in the wrong manner. I will continue to pray for him and his family as it appears they are going through a difficult time," said Davis Jr.

The video goes on and Henry Davis Jr says "I didn't mean to offend Derek, I'm just saying all this is ridiculous so I'm trying to get you to understand where I'm at."

Police say they are looking into the video.


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