Country Bake Shop closes its doors for good ahead of the new year

NOW: Country Bake Shop closes its doors for good ahead of the new year

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A local favorite for baked goods is open for just one more day. After 47 years, the Country Bake Shop on the northwest side of South Bend will not be keeping it’s doors open going into the new year, and New Year’s Eve will be it’s last day for business.

It was a bittersweet day for long-time employees and customers Friday, knowing that the bakery is open for only one more day. Many of those long-time customers stopped in to grab what they can and enjoy the fresh, homemade goods one last time.

“I’m going to miss it, and I think a lot of other people are too,” says Kathleen Poe, a regular customer of the Country Bake Shop for over 40 years.

Poe speaks for many regular customers when she says she’s going to miss their homemade treats and familiar faces behind the counter.

“It truly is a family community that is separating now,” says Lisa Luckey, an employee at the Country Bake Shop.

The family community includes both customers and staff. Luckey has worked at the bakery since 2013 and she says she’ll miss the veterans, book clubs, Bible study groups, and all the regulars that occupied the shop daily.

“Just the love of the customers that kept coming in was so awesome, and I’m so grateful for them,” says Luckey.

After 47 years in business the owner of the shop, Craig Rumpf, is retiring and plans to spend much more time with family.

“He deserves his retirement; it’s a lot of work, a lot of time put in, and you miss a lot of your family,” Luckey says about her boss. “So, it’s time for family time.”

Besides the delicious baked goods and pastries that will be missed by so many in the community, it’s the family-oriented atmosphere and love for the faithful customers that will be missed the most.

“Anybody can get a job and work behind the scenes and never really be a part, but being a part and being able to share the love with other people is great,” Luckey says.

“Their butter danishes, they are the best, but they’re out of them today,” says Poe about her favorite pastries. “And their garlic bread, they’re not going to make it anymore so I’m bummed.”

You have one last chance to snag your favorite baked goods from the Country Bake Shop on New Year’s Eve; doors open at 6 a.m. and close for good at 4 p.m.

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