County clerks say voter fraud highly unlikely

ABC57 spoke with county clerks throughout Michiana to find out how likely it is the election could be rigged and if there have ever been instances of voter fraud.

ABC57 interviewed nine county clerks. Each one said voter fraud is exceedingly rare in the US, especially in Indiana.

“In 10 years I’ve never heard a complaint of voter fraud," said Cass County Clerk Monica Kennedy.

“I have never had that happen here that I have been made aware of," said Kosciusko County Clerk Ann Torpy.

“We didn’t see anything," said La Porte County Clerk Lynne Speyvak.

“We are unaware that there is any of that in Elkhart County," said Elkhart County Clerk Wendy Hudson.

Michiana’s county clerks say your polling places and ballots are safe.

“I have a lot of faith in the company that we have our machines with," said Starke County Clerk Vicki Cooley.

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed elections are rigged.

Each clerk says it’s really hard to mess with an election.

“In Berrien County, you will have a paper ballot. The tabulator is not hooked up to the Internet while you’re voting," said Berrien County Clerk Sharon Tyler.

“It’s not tied to the internet in anyway," said Marshall County Clerk Deborah VanDeMark.

“We are still paper poll book, so once you sign, no one else can sign in that spot," said Fulton County Clerk Teri Furnivall.

“When we get notification of person that might’ve been deceased since the time they voted, maybe even yesterday, we pull those ballots out," said St. Joseph County Clerk Rita Glenn.

Every clerk said their voting tabulators are not connected to the internet so hacking is not possible.

Those tabulators are set to zero the morning of Election Day so nobody is voting twice.

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