Couple's footage from first son's birth stolen

NOW: Couple’s footage from first son’s birth stolen

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -  A South Bend couple's videos and photos from their first child’s birth were stolen.

They hadn’t even left St. Joseph Regional Hospital yet when the items were taken.

The father, named Brian, who wished not to say his last name, wanted to use the footage to make a video for his baby.

“My car had been broken into and all of my things taken,” Brian said.

Police say the father’s car was broken into while parked in the ER parking lot early Saturday evening, while he was inside the hospital getting his wife and newborn child ready to go home.

The thief took a wallet full of credit cards, Brian’s computer, backup drive and several other pieces of equipment.

All the birth and newborn footage was on the computer and backup hard drive.

“We were taping the experience. I was going to put a video together, just so he can watch it when he gets older, and show it to maybe his son or his kids,” Brian said.

The suspect has been photographed using Brian’s credit cards at Meijer, Marathon and various other locations around Mishawaka.

Police believe the person is driving a white Ford Fusion.

Investigators are gathering surveillance photos of the suspect, in hopes it will ring a bell for someone.

“You can’t replace the memories that are on those videos and on the photos. So we’re really appealing to the public to help us solve this case,” Lt. Williams with Mishawaka Police said.

Brian is also asking anyone to help however possible.

“I’d think anybody who takes that drive would see ‘we probably should at least give this back and the laptop’. This is a very personal moment,” Brian said.

The father is a video editor, who also used the equipment for his career.

Mishawaka Police are asking anyone with information to give them a call.


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