Crazy week for top golfer on Symetra Tour

Any other week, Nanna Koertz Madsen would be the hands down favorite for this year's Four Winds Invitational.

The Denmark native has already won twice this year on tour but if you heard about the week she's had, you would understand why a win this week at the Four Winds Invitational would be remarkable.

"I'm at bit tired now but I drove all night so that's obvious," Madsen said.

After winning last Sunday in Albany, Madsen drove to Boston and qualified for the U.S. Women's Open, shooting a three under 68, but because the qualifier was delayed a day due to weather, she did arrive till Thursday morning. She and her boyfriend, drove through the night, 13 hours, just the beginning of her crazy week.

"It's my first time I'm trying it so we'll see how it goes," Madsen said.

Her expectations for herself this weekend are very low, but just looking to survive.

"Well I won the first one, qualified this week so I'm pretty even though I'm not playing well this weekend," Madsen said.

But still admits she has something left in the tank for one more magical moment this week.

"Yeah I do, I'm excited for this week," Madsen said.

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