Creating positive outlets through dance

Parents know that the teenage years can sometimes be tough. A South Bend woman has created a dance group for girls to have a positive and safe outlet to express themselves during those tough times.

The group is called Sparkling Divaz and is open to girls ages five to 17.

“This was a way to give the teen girls a way to express themselves through the art of dance,” said founder of the group Tera Ellis.

Since the group started a little over a year ago, Ellis has seen positive changes in her dancers.

“A year ago when they walked in my doors, they were different little girls. Now, they walk out and I’m just like ‘wow, like she’s talking now, she’s laughing, she’s sure of herself, she’s sure of her moves, she’s confident,'” Ellis added.

Ellis has been involved in dancing since she was a child.

The group focuses on various types of dancing like mime, praise dancing, lyrical, and jazz; however, the girls learn more than new dance moves.

“Our coach, she isn’t just our coach. She’s a friend, she’s a counselor,” said 13-year-old Breonna Lloyd, who has been dancing with the group for a year.

“It's fun. The girls, they help me a lot and I think it’s a positive thing to do,” said dancer Sharielle Wright.

The cost to join is through fund-raising efforts that the group participates in.

They practice Monday-Friday from 6-8 p.m. at the Marycrest-Singer-Hammes Building in South Bend.

To learn more about the Sparkling Divaz, click here.

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