Alarming sign posted outside of a vacant home in River Park; Police confirm nothing suspicious

NOW: Alarming sign posted outside of a vacant home in River Park; Police confirm nothing suspicious

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A bizarre sign posted in the back of a vacant house has residents of the River Park neighborhood in South Bend asking questions.

The sign says “CALL POLICE”--- which they did --- and it didn’t amount to much.

South Bend Police said they received three total calls about the sign. Two on April 1 and another one on April 4. Sheila Kirk Billheimer’s husband made the most recent call to police.

“It just scares me I mean I’ve heard so many different things and it just makes my mind just wander, wander, you know? Is somebody being held there?” Billheimer said.

Police said they searched a shed in the back of the house where the sign is posted. Nothing unusual was found but for those who live near the vacant house, it’s still a little unsettling.

“Nobody’s lived there for 6 years but I’ve seen the light on upstairs a few different times,” Billheimer said. “It’s not a joke to play on anybody and it get a neighborhood roared up like this… it’s just not.”

The police officer who showed up to check out the house told Billheimer that if someone had time to make a sign, they likely didn’t need the police’s help. She thinks if there’s really no threat than police should get in touch with the owner of the house to take the sign down.

“If I had a sign on the back of my fence I would hope someone would do more than just drive around the alley and check. You know, beat on my door and find out if I’m in there or something else is going on.”

Anyone who sees anything suspicious or out of the ordinary is encouraged to give South Bend Police a call immediately.

Billheimer and her other neighbors said they’re going to be keeping a closer eye on the house in the meantime.

“This is my neighborhood. I have grandkids who come and play here. I want to make sure my family is safe.”

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