Alligator loose in Plymouth pond is caught

NOW: Alligator loose in Plymouth pond is caught

PLYMOUTH, Ind - An alligator that was the talk of the town in Plymouth on Tuesday night has been caught.

The rare sighting happened in the Pilgrim Meadows subdivision near U.S. 31.

Shortly after, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the 2 to 3-foot alligator was in fact in the community.

The alligator was swimming in a retention pond.

Marshall County Humane society employee Scott Hammel says he has never seen anything like this before.

“We don’t deal with alligators, we deal with more like domestic animals,” Hammel said.

There are no reported injuries but people are being cautious when near the pond.

A local family claims they own the alligator.

The gator was caught early Wednesday morning. 

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