Crews working to get power back on after severe storms

NOW: Crews working to get power back on after severe storms

ELKHART, Ind -- Several days after storms caused road and home damage in Elkhart, the power is still out in neighborhoods.

Neighbors say they heard what sounded like a tree branch, snap on Sunday evening, then saw the lights go out just moments later.

Many residents on West Lexington Avenue have been living here for 15 plus years, and say, this area saw the brunt of the Sunday evening storm damage.

Having debris and limbs falling is one thing, said neighbors.

To be without power is a different adjustment for some neighbors, who are at the point where they're just ready for things to get back to normal.

"It’s um, quite an adjustment period but I managed to get through it somehow. But I’ll be really glad to get back to my old routine." said Elkhart resident Jason Wuthrich. 

Although neighbors knew things were bad outside, but didn't expect for things to be as bad as they turned out to be.

"A 70 mph wind came through from the West, knocked the top off of our tree, it hit a pole and put wires across Lexington Avenue, and tore the connection off our house." said Elkhart resident John Frizzo.

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