Crowd of pro-life supporters rally against South Bend abortion clinic

NOW: Crowd of pro-life supporters rally against South Bend abortion clinic


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – At the end of May, a federal judge made a ruling which allowed an abortion clinic to open its doors in South Bend, but local pro-life groups are up in arms about the decision.

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance has been trying to operate in South Bend for two years, and the entire time it has been entangled in a legal battle with the state.

A judge recently granted a preliminary injunction, allowing the clinic to open without a license.

On Saturday, a crowd of pro-life supporters from all over the state gathered against the opening of the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance Clinic. Even Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill made a stop.

A huge crowd of protesters filled the Saint John the Baptist Catholic church and listened to a number of speakers. From there they marched to the proposed Whole Woman’s Health Alliance clinic to show their outrage.

Rachel Rice attended the rally and says she is disappointed with the federal judge’s ruling. 

“The federal government telling the citizens of Indiana that you know, not only do we not respect life, but we don’t respect the lives of women in your state,” said Rice.

Attorney General Curtis Hill addressed the large crowd and also commented on the ruling. He received a standing ovation from the people in attendance. 

“How anyone can determine having a clinic of this nature, where you use chemicals to abort a child, could not impose some of dangerous concern for women’s health is beyond me,” said Hill.

Protesters say the ruling undermines the state’s right to regulate and license Indiana businesses.  

WWHA was not available for comment about the rally. Following the federal judge’s ruling, CEO and President Amy Hagstrom Miller previously released a statement, saying in part:

“Justice prevailed and the ruling is clear – the court recognized the undue burden that woman in northern Indiana face when seeking to end a pregnancy.”  “We came to South Bend at the request of members of the community and we are happy to say we can soon open our doors to serve you.”

But, local pro-life supporters say they will not back down. 

“I think this issue is so important. You can’t have anything else in this country if you don’t have life,” said Rice. 

AG Curtis Hill filed an appeal to prevent the opening of the clinic just two days after the federal judge’s ruling.

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