Customers react to the state's mask enforcement advisory

NOW: Customers react to the state’s mask enforcement advisory

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- The mask mandate has been in effect here in Indiana since last July but that soon will be changing on April 6. 

It became the new normal to wear masks that customer and businesses are still deciding whether to keep them on or off after the mandate expires.

A mask was once something we normally associated with doctors but now known as a universal item and term we use every day.

“I’ve gotten mask all over the house. I got mask out one door. Patio door. Wherever. My house is just filled with them. You’ve think I’ve have 7-8 people living with me,” said Mary Roemer, a Michiana resident.

When the mask mandate began, businesses were told they could be fined for not enforcing them.

Now that the mandate will go away in just over a week, customers will be able to walk right in without one.

“We are definitely going to have all our employees continue to wear masks and we’re hoping to have our employees get vaccinated and have one-hundred vaccination with our staff,” said Jeff Morauski, Co-owner of Chicory Cafe in Mishawaka.

Morauski says his staff will continue to follow safety precautions but will not be enforcing customers to do the same.

“That we are not. Whatever the government is going to dictate the customers should wear into businesses, we’re just going to respect that,” Morasuki said.

A group of friends here in Michiana tell us that it’s the first time in a year that they have been out in public as a group.

Most of the are fully vaccinated and feel safe reuniting again.

But they say, getting rid of the mask mandate- still isn’t the right move.

“I was hoping he would maintain the mask mandate because I think it keeps all of us safer,” said Kathy Ponko, a local resident.

And despite the rule going away soon, some will plan to mask up no matter what.

“I personally had both vaccines, I plan to continue wearing my mask and sanitating my hands and following all of the guidelines,” said Nancy Pietrangeli, a local resident.

The last day for the mask mandate again is April 5th with it turning into what’s called a mask enforcement.

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