Damage is still present for portions of Michiana

NOW: Damage is still present for portions of Michiana


This morning we are still seeing isolated storm damage that has yet to be cleaned up in portions of Michiana. I traveled to Bristol this morning, where there was still a large tree across the roadway. City crews were arriving on scene to clean up the mess, so if you live in Bristol, expect Elkhart Street to be cleaned up by later today. Not only are officials in Bristol cleaning up downed trees, but those in Walkerton as well. Bristol and Walkerton look to be two of the hardest hit places from severe winds that took place yesterday morning. 

Many are asking why we have seen round after round of severe weather, and to better explain that we have to look at the atmosphere as a whole. A large area of high pressure develops over the western United States, which makes the jet stream form a trough over the Midwest. This is what allows storm system after storm system to swing through and interact with plenty of moisture. This pattern doesn't break down until high pressure migrates back eastward and pushes the jet stream further to the north.

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