Dangerous intersection in front of school calls for action

NOW: Dangerous intersection in front of school calls for action

CONCORD TOWNSHIP, Ind.-- Parents and neighbors are demanding a change for an intersection right by Concord Junior High School that they say is dangerous.

In light of the recent accident in Rochester that killed three children, one woman is stepping up to push Concord Community Schools to take proactive measures instead of waiting for a potential accident at the intersection of County Road 24 and County Road 11 in Elkhart.

Small roads, no sidewalks, no crossing guard, no road paint, and no school zone signs. It's a recipe for waiting to happen according to Concord School District resident, Erica Hunt.

“In light of those three precious children that lost their lives, I didn’t want to be the person that said I wish I would’ve called. And so, I just started making phone calls and asking questions.”

There are three schools within a two mile radius from the intersection, and in the dark hours of the morning, Hunt said, there's too much traffic for the small intersection for three different flows of traffic and a bus route.

“On an average day, not day but annually, it has a lot of accidents at it. I just don’t want someone killed.”

The intersection is only a two way stop.

With a speed limit of 50 M.P.H., those traveling down County Road 11 do not have to stop and there is no school zone sign encouraging them to slow down. 

“We’re in a difficult situation in Concord Township because there is no requirement for there to be sidewalks and how are we going to be safe if they're not going to be riding the bus to school, or just getting on and off the bus," said Assistant Superintendent, Tim Tahara.

He says the district is just waiting to get a number of how much a sign will cost, then have the Elkhart County Highway Department install a sign. A process that began July of this year.

Hunt said,“It could be resolved pretty quickly. Simple solution, is get this marked as a school zone and get signs up. We could, as far as i'm concerned, get that up in a week.”

According to the school corperation, this is not the only school in the district without a school zone sign. 

Tahara says in the meantime, they've sent a letter to parents encouraging them to ensure their children wear bright colors or have reflective gear. 

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