Dash cam video shows moments leading to suspect's death in Marshall County

NOW: Dash cam video shows moments leading to suspect’s death in Marshall County

The Marshall County Prosecutor has cleared the officer who shot and killed 33-year-old Dylan Bush on November 28, 2021. Authorities say the suspect ran, leading Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies on a car chase, then tried to run over an officer; leading to the shooting.

But now the sheriff’s office says it won’t comment on the shooting because of possible litigation.

It started with a call from the BP Express in Culver, IN at 2:04 PM.

“We’ve got a customer here that is quite visibly drunk. Purchased a bunch of alcohol, put it all back on the shelf, took it off the shelf. My manager said to call [911] and have you guys get rid of him,” the caller told a 911 operator.

Following a lengthy car chase; One hour, 11 minutes later, Dylan Bush is dead.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office says Bush tried to use his vehicle as a weapon, nearly running over Sgt. Matthew Brown. As Brown told investigators, “[Bush] takes off for me and I fired off… I thought he was trying to kill me with his car.”

Brown fired at Bush three times. Two bullets hit.

Firing at a moving vehicle is against policy, unless an offender is using deadly force. According to a Marshall County Prosecutor’s report, Bush veered towards Sgt. Brown, causing him to shoot. ABC57 obtained dash cam video of the moments leading to the shooting. Brown is just out of view when he fires his gun.

Authorities say officers tried CPR before EMS arrived. The Marshall County Coroner pronounced Bush dead at the scene.

The sheriff’s office would not comment on how it handled this chase and shooting, believing they could see a civil lawsuit. The county prosecutor has cleared Sgt. Brown, saying the shooting is justified. According to personnel files, Sgt. Brown has never had any disciplinary action against him.

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