Neighbors react after two men found dead in home

NOW: Neighbors react after two men found dead in home

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- Late Tuesday night just before 11 PM, a call was made to Mishawaka police saying someone was shot inside of a home on the 800 block of Burdette Street. When police arrived to the home, they had no luck getting in contact with anyone inside. Mishawaka/St. Joseph County S.W.A.T was activated to help assist them. Neighbors nearby, were scared to see it all unfold.

“I actually came out to let my dog in because she was barking, which is a usual thing, but it was like 11 o’clock at night and I figured people were trying to sleep so I brought my dog in, came out saw cop lights, cop cars, cops walking up and down the road and stuff,” neighbor Ashlynn Baczynski said."They were over there repeatedly telling the suspect to come out of the home with his hands on his head and things of that sort.”

After multiple failed attempts of not getting ahold of anyone inside the home, S.W.A.T made their way in, finding 29-year-old Joseph Banks and 23-year-old Trevor Danneffel suffering gunshot wounds. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

While this isn’t the first incident of violent crime near the area, neighbors just a few houses down from the scene are saddened to see it happen so close to home.

“There was a stand-off actually similar to this on the other side of Millburn on Burdette too, not too long ago, but that was further down the road from us so it wasn’t as close to home,” Baczynski said. “I like to think of Mishawaka as a safer space so that was kind of rattling.”

Rattling, shocking, and unbelievable are words community members say hope don’t stick as a reputation to the city.

Metro Homicide has taken over the investigation, which is still active and ongoing at this time. No suspects are being pursued, and there's no threat to public safety. Investigators haven’t said what exactly led up to this.

Both Banks and Danneffel’s autopsies will take place on Thursday to determine the cause and manner of their deaths.

If you know about anything about this shooting, you are urged to give Metro Homicide a call.

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