Debate over TRANSPO lot continues

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The debate continues over the TRANSPO lot in South Bend at Northside and Jefferson boulevards. Three contractors have pitched their ideas about what they think should go there and neighbors seem to agree with one more than others.

Dave Matthews, LLC pitched a more urban idea complete with town homes, condos and mews. A few neighbors on Frances Street like it.

“They’re saying volleyball courts, they’re saying a zip line, there’s a new ice skating rink, there’s a new facility, there’s room for small concerts, there’s room for boat rental and a soccer field, and all of that is exciting to us!" said David Eastman, who lives on Frances Street.

But Matthews' idea comes with opposition.

Karen Schefmeyer with the Howard Park Neighborhood Association says a more residential neighborhood should be put in the lot.

She uses Sunnymede Avenue as her inspiration for the project.

“Sunnymede has stood the test of time for 80 years. I think and it’s a beautiful bedroom community,” said Schefmeyer.

The South Bend Common Council will be putting together a special committee to look over the plans more thoroughly.

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