Definitely a wet spring but how about summer?

NOW: Definitely a wet spring but how about summer?

It's been a long spring for us, with cooler-than-normal temperatures and, of course, above average rainfall. What's really crazy to think about is that we haven't had three or more completely dry days in a row since early January. From the 3rd through the 6th, we didn't record any precip at all, but we haven't gotten back to that point yet this year. Dry and sunny skies persisted yesterday, today too, but with the rain arriving late Tuesday, we may not make it the full three days.

And just looking ahead to the next couple of weeks, the active pattern could likely continue for the first half of June. The Climate Prediction Center has, not only Michiana, but most of the country, at least of 33 percent chance of above average precipitation. So, continue to keep the umbrella and rain gear close by.

It's finally time for warmer temperatures, more time outside and soaking up some sunshine. But, it seems like the active, and wet pattern may continue well into summer. Let's look at temperatures first. And this may not be music to summer fans' ears, but we may be trending towards a cooler-than-normal season, especially when you look out to the west and see better chances for the cooler temperatures over Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. But, locally, we actually have equal chances of above, below, and near normal temperatures.

Now, precip has probably been one of the most annoying things about the spring, with the endless rounds of rain, and flooding, and agricultural problems extending from it. Now, this doesn't mean that we won't have any dry time at all, but the rain may be coming in more waves for this summer season.

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