Delivery drivers work through extreme weather conditions

Some parts of Michiana saw record breaking temperatures, Tuesday - barely double digit temps and with the wind chill, it felt like it was below zero.

“Definitely have to wear your layers,” said John Hall.

Hall has been delivering food for Dine-In for eight years and says there's one secret to making it through days that are beyond cold.

“Just keep your heat blasting," said Hall. "We have to keep our food bags warm because we definitely worry about food getting cold.”

But Hall has a few other concerns as well, being a delivery driver has its risks in extreme weather. 

Hall says he is very familiar with the early signs of hypothermia. 

“Yeah, your fingers stop working, you drop stuff, you try handing people credit card slips, pens - you drop them, you have trouble grabbing bags, and your face freezes," said Hall.

He often has to deal with the threat of frost bite and slick, dangerous road conditions.

“I've got to go slow, I've got to leave distance, avoid the wrecks as best I can, and avoid the ice,” explained Hall.

Hall says he is not deterred.  He says its better to have one person bringing food to five people rather than five people driving through treacherous conditions. 

“Don't come out in this mess, don't drive on the icy roads, let us do it, we will brave the conditions for you.” 

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