Delphi murder case is far from cold

NOW: Delphi murder case is far from cold

DELPHI, Ind. - The murder of two young girls from Delphi remains unsolved.

However, family and investigators say this investigation is farm from over.

Delphi looks like any other small Indiana town at first.

But around every corner, there is an illustrated poster of a man’s face.

He’s the monster who haunts Delphi.

While his image invokes a fear that wasn’t there seven months ago, it’s also a clue that could help solve the murders of two girls.

Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, are remembered by family and friends as “Abby and Libby.”

“They both loved doing the painting and the crafts. They sat side by side in band,” Becky and Mike Patty, German’s grandparents said.

On unseasonably warm February 13, Williams and German went for a walk on the Historic Delphi Trail, in Carroll County.

They were never seen alive again.

The Pattys raised German.

Apart from her kindness, they say they miss her keen mind most.

“She was in all high ability classes. She was almost at times bored with school, very smart,” Mike said.

That intelligence paid off.

Libby’s quick thinking produced some of the only clues in this case.

While the girls were hiking, Libby snapped a photo of the male suspect on her phone, and recorded audio of him saying, “down the hill.”  

Later that day, Abby and Libby were reported missing.

Their bodies were found the next day on the trail,

Since that day the photo of the suspect has hung in Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby’s office.

“A question that always circles around any criminal investigation but why? Why did this happen?” Leazenby said.

That question is second only to who?

Seven months and nearly 30,000 tips later, investigators are still working to figure it out.

Leazenby has two of his detectives working full time on the case.

A downtown Delphi building is now a full-time command center.

Indiana State Police also have a task force dedicated to finding the killer.

The FBI Is also still involved, and provided a drawing of what the suspect might look like.

“It’s kind of like looking for the needle in the haystack. At this stage i feel like we’re in the middle of that haystack still looking for that needle. No one’s in jail at this point,” Leazenby said.

But the sheriff has no doubt that will change.

With thousands of tips left to be investigated and DNA evidence, Leazenby has a message for the suspect.

“Whoever’s responsible for this, we will find you and there will be justice for Abby and Libby,” the sheriff said.

The Pattys share that passionate belief.

They now use social media and visit festivals to share the story and the suspect’s drawing.

“Our goal is to, have fliers in every town in the United States. That he can’t go into any town, he can’t go anywhere that his own face isn’t staring at him,” Becky said.

Becky and Mike are also keeping the memories of the girls alive.

They’re working to build a memorial softball field.

For now though, Delphi is searching for more tips, to stop the killer before he repeats.

“We owe this to the girls. I’ll spend the rest of my days chasing after this guy. That’s just the way it’s going to have to be,” Mike said.

Anyone with information on the case can call 844-459-5786 or email [email protected].

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