Democratic Party searches for unity in Philadelphia

Disharmony between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters has some wondering where the Democratic Party stands on the last night of their national convention. 

ABC 57 spoke with South Bend Sanders supporter and former city councilman, Henry Davis Jr., at the convention Thursday night. 

Davis says the convention has gone well, but it will be what happens to the party after its over that truly shows where everyone stands. 

He says he hopes Clinton will address underprivileged communities in the way Sanders promised to. 

”We are looking for action and that's why most of us are here that's why were actually voting. We’re voting for actions, we're voting for outcomes. It's great to talk about it, it's great to actually see it displayed before you during the show, but the hard work has to be done during election cycles and that's what we're looking forward to.” said Davis. 

Sanders has officially endorsed Clinton, as she will be the first woman in history to accept the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. 

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