Democrats, Republicans remind voters in St. Joseph County to “get out and vote”

NOW: Democrats, Republicans remind voters in St. Joseph County to “get out and vote”


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Democrats headquarters was buzzing on Wednesday.

Almost every Democratic candidate running for public office in St. Joseph County stood by Party Chair Stan Wruble. A couple even answered questions about issues like public safety. 

“We believe that it’s the number one responsibility of local government,” said Gregg Hixenbaugh, who’s running for a Mishawaka At-Large Common Council sear.  

According to city police data, South Bend saw a rise in shooting violence during the summer. Karen White, South Bend At-Large Common Council incumbent, said she realizes the challenges the city’s faced the past few months. 

“Our commitment is to our residents and also to those police officers,” said White. 

The candidates are less than a week away from the general election on Tuesday, November 5. The main message of not only the Democrats but also, South Bend Republican Mayoral candidate Sean Haas, is "get out and vote." 

 “There is an election in November 5 I think some people in south bend still don’t realize it,” said Haas.

“That’s what we gotta remember Tuesday, November 5 we gotta vote,” said James Mueller, South Bend Mayoral Democratic Candidate.

On Tuesday, a total count showed the following: 

  • 1,305 walk-in voters, 
  • 1,936 absentee ballots cast. 

County voting data shows voter turnout at nearly 59 percent for the 2018 General Election. But for the 2019 primary, only 15 percent. 

Stan Phelps cast his ballot Wednesday afternoon. He said if his candidates win, it will bring safe communities among other things.

“I hope it brings in more truthfulness and honesty in our political system,” said Phelps.

There are several contested races in the upcoming election. Haas said county Republicans have a chance to end the region’s blue wave. 

“This is a time to see some real change, bring some new perspectives to the table and really try to move south bend to more balanced voices within the government,” said Haas. 

While Wruble said the message of county Democrats has been consistent. 

“We want smart and fair economic growth I think that’s what sets us apart,” said Wruble. 

St. Joseph County Democrats will be giving free rides to the polls on Tuesday. To request a ride call 574-288-8683. 

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