Demonstrators hold ‘Citizens’ Trial’ outside Upton’s office

NOW: Demonstrators hold ‘Citizens’ Trial’ outside Upton’s office

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- A group of Michigan demonstrators put Congressman Fred Upton ‘on trial’ outside his St. Joe office on Thursday.

“The reason we’re not necessarily going into his office and speaking with him is because we’ve seen time and time again, we will petition him on these issues, he will pay a little bit of lip service, but in his actual actions, he is still doing things that are very detrimental to his own constituents,” said Andy Argo, a demonstrator who came down from Kalamazoo to play the ‘citizen prosecutor.’

The event was organized by the Two Rivers Coalition and Michigan United.

Demonstrators from the Berrien County and Kalamazoo area dressed as a judge, a prosecutor, a jury, and several witnesses to discuss why they dislike Upton’s voting record.

The congressman will be in town on Friday to take a boat tour of the work site of the CSX railroad shoreline erosion project.

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