Department of Transportation teaches bus safety to local elementary schools

WAKARUSA, Ind. -- The Department of Transportation and School Safety gave out light up reflectors at Wakarusa Elementary on Monday to help with school bus safety.

A mascot from the Department of Transportation helped teach students the importance of wearing bright clothing and reiterated the need to walk rather than run to their bus stops.

The principal is hoping parents will use these tips moving forward.

"It takes effort on everyone's part but certainly for parents to just help in ensuring that they, when they step out each morning that they're dressed appropriately not only for the weather but also for safety as well," said Principal Kim Branham.

They also gave each student a light up reflector to clip to their backpacks.

"What you put your kids in the morning, make sure they're wearing those coats and hats especially on cold days like this. Make sure they're nice a bright and reflective and of at all possible, we really prefer parents to be at the bus stop," said Amy Rosa, Director of Transportation and School Safety.

They plan to visit Woodview Elementary and Napanee Elementary next to continue boosting safe bus stop practices.

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