Deputies are now on duty at Benton Harbor high school

NOW: Deputies are now on duty at Benton Harbor high school


BENTON HARBOR, Mich – The Benton Harbor school district and The Berrien County Sheriff’s department are ushering change to ensued safety at Benton Harbor Area Schools.

Starting this week two Sheriff’s deputies will be at Benton Harbor High School as a part of the current 30-day agreement to stop fights like the one that happened recently that ABC57 reported on (link)

The Sheriff’s departments say this is the first step towards a safer school.

Benton Harbor High parent Latoya Turner says there may be a lot going on in the kids’ lives that they may need help for but ultimately she supports police being at the school for now.

“I’m absolutely not for the fights at school, my son is a junior there and I try to teach him to pretty much stay away from the foolery that happens from time to time but it happens at all schools though they just publicize it a little more at Benton Harbor area schools, am I for the police, yes” Turner said.

There’s a three year agreement between the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department and Benton Harbor Area Schools that is almost complete and is expected to be signed soon.

According to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department the three year deal will be paid for by Benton Harbor area schools and it will cost around $100,000.

With the new agreement Sheriff Bailey said if there’s a fight his deputies will review the tapes and if the student is 16 or younger they will be petitioned to juvenile court and if the student is 17 or older there’s a possibility they will go to jail for assault.

“It’s going to be tough work, it’s going to be real tough but I think as a community we need to get it done because we all know without a good education it’s hard to make it in this world when it comes to jobs and anything else you want to achieve” Sheriff Bailey said.

Sheriff Bailey also mentioned that there is a similar agreement in place in the New Buffalo school district and he plans to work with the Benton Harbor school district to bring about positive change.

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