Desi Jones' murderer faces maximum sentence

Fabian Rubio will face 65 years in prison for the murder of 15-year-old Desi Jones.

That is the maximum sentence the judge could order, and friends and family are relieved.

Jewell Egenlauf, Desi's friend, says "we knew he would be gone and wouldn't be a danger to anyone anymore." 

Prosecutor Nelson Chipman said that stopping Rubio after Desi's murder, could have saved other families from the same grief.

Chipman recalled conversations with Rubio that lead Chipman to call him "a budding serial killer."  He explained that Rubio acknowledged he would have done this again.  

Friends and family supported the Jones family Thursday morning, by packing the third floor courtroom at the Marshall County Courthouse, wearing purple - Desi's favorite color. 

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