Detroit autoworkers split on government bailout of auto industry

DETROIT -- Some autoworkers are split on on the government bailout of the industry.

Some autoworkers praise the president for not turning his back on them and bailing out the industry.

Others feel that the government should be out of the economy as much as possible. They went as far as to say that Obama shouldn't have bailed out the industry.

Stacey Steward works for Chrysler and supports Obama.

"I really feel that without Obama's bailout that we would not be here today," Steward said.

But Brian Pannebecke who works for Ford and is a part-time worker for a Republican state representative feels differently.

"Obama just wants to take us deeper and deeper and deeper into the social Democrat mess that the Europeans are going through right now," Pannebecke said.

The unemployment rate in Michigan is just a little above the national average at 8.5 percent.

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