Diamond Lake holds firework show for Independence Day

NOW: Diamond Lake holds firework show for Independence Day

CASSOPOLIS, Mich.-- Independence day, a holiday celebrating the anniversary of national independence, a holiday also known for family gatherings and large firework shows but many are being cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

Diamond Lakes annual firework show continued on this year, lighting up the sky for their guests.

“With all of this stuff going on in the world and so many things being cancelled right now especially fireworks are kind of a big deal for people, they mean independence and there family gatherings, people getting together and it’s one of the things that we can do safe while people are social distancing while watching from a further distance,” Diamond Lake Firework show Leader  Aubrey Schrock said.

Aubrey Schrock has been the leader of the firework show for 20 years.

Every year, for the entire day until the sun goes down, her along with a few others work to make sure that they put on a 25-minute show for the crowd, and this year was no different.

“We don’t do it for us we do it for us we do it for the people out there who want to see a sense of normalcy out in the world,” Schrock said.

Schrock said that although there are many people out on the lake, this year’s turnout isn’t as large as it usually is because of the pandemic.

“There are a lot less people than normal but that we’ve seen, and there are people kind of gathering in their own little groups I’ve noticed too,” Schrock said.

She said that many people who usually would come out to enjoy the holiday, have decided to celebrate at home instead.

“Many people I have talked to said they’re not, people are staying at their homes and more so than in last years,” Schrock said.

Schrock said that she’s happy that amidst all of the disappointment this year that her firework show can bring some joy.

“It’s something that something really enjoy and i think they really really need it’s a lot of work for us for 25 minutes of pleasure and joy for the crowd,” Shrock said.

Around 150 people came out on Diamond Lake and Shrock said it will be a firework show that this crowd will never forget.

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