Die-hard 'Bama fan in Notre Dame territory

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Alabama fans are definitely outnumbered by faithful Irish fans in Michiana.

Cortney Amador's living room is painted crimson and houndstooth.  Even though she was born and raised here, she lived in Alabama for a few years and she says it was there that she discovered her true love - Alabama football!

"My grandma asks me all the time, why do you like Alabama and I tell her look at their record, then you'll know." she explained.

From houndstooth blankets to Alabama caps, Cortney's got it all. 

She knows that she's outnumbered here in Michiana, which is why she's watching the game at home, in a house divided.

"I will be the only one who would like Alabama to win but I'm okay with that, I'm used to that." Cortney said.

Cortney's mom is shocked that her daughter went against her roots and against the Irish.

"For Notre Dame to be able to knock Alabama off, this town is going to go wild!" Cindy Amador exclaimed.

Cortney tried several times to convert her mom to an Alabama fan.

"All my trips to Alabama, I was pressured into learning how to roll with the tide, but I don't want to see anymore houndstooth in my house!" Cindy joked.

The one thing that the two can agree on is that the championship game will be a good one.

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