Diehard fishermen unfazed by Gale Winds

NILES, Mich. -- Spring has arrived and salmon and trout are heading up stream to reproduce, but fisherman are on the hunt and many of them will be caught. 

Bryan Williams says that his shop in Niles, Trailhead Mercantile, has been busy with people stocking up on fishing supplies.

There was a Gale Winds watch this weekend, but that didn't stop very many people. 

"It's not real fun to fish in 50 mile per hour winds." said Williams, "But a lot of the diehard people that are after steelhead will be out there anyway because there is just a very small window to catch those fish."

As we embark on fishing season, experts warn that certain species such as the Asian Carp should not be released back into the water if they are caught.

There is a five trout limit for all fisherman.  

Licenses must be obtained for any fisherman over the age of 17, there are even some 24 hour licenses that you can have issued through your smart phone.

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