Digital fingerprinting helps keep kids safe

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Parents headed to the Goodwill Store in Mishawaka Saturday, but back to school shopping was not the only item on the agenda.

In an effort to keep more kids safe, parents got the chance to get their child's digital fingerprints scanned.

Pictures were also taken so they can have a permanent record to keep on file!

One Mishawaka mom was very grateful for the service. 

"I'll keep it in a strong box with other important papers so if something does happen we are able to get it because it's in a fireproof box, a water proof box so it's information I like to keep on hand for who ever if something happens to me or happens to them," said Brenda Swift.

Shoppers also picked up some deals while at the store.
And, big things are coming for the Goodwill.  
Next month they are launching a rewards program for your donations! 

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