Disabled veteran handing out free flags to lighten election mood

A disabled veteran hopes to bring some positivity in the midst of the election by handing out free flags. He says he just wants to unify the community and make people smile.

“All I hear is all this negative stuff from politicians and everything, and I thought the equalizer is just have a flag. Just nothing special. Just have a nice day and have a flag," said Tim Bennett.

“Four letter word that is really positive. Free flag, kay? Two four letter words," he said.

So far, Bennett has given away more than 100 flags. He has 500 in total.

He says he plans to continue giving them away until there are none left.

 “I think it’s important if we stand together, not divided by political party," said Bennett.

 “It brings smiles to people’s faces who are, you know, a little tense these days," he said.

Bennett just has one request to passersby.

“Take a flag. Leave the flamingo," he said.

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