Disturbing security footage shows man holding knife outside La Porte home

NOW: Disturbing security footage shows man holding knife outside La Porte home

LA PORTE, Ind.-- Home security systems are becoming more and more common for peace of mind. But one La Porte woman saw something not only disturbing, but downright bizarre, in her security camera.

"Monday night was a normal night," said Cory Solis.

Solis was home on her phone when she got a notification from her security camera.

"'Oh, it's just the cat,'" she said. "I didn't pay attention to it."

But when she went back to watch the video, she saw something that scared her to her core.

"I saw a man just standing in front of our doorway, and I was like 'well that's weird,'" she said. "I see him swinging an object in his hand. I zoomed in and it's like this huge knife."

Why would someone approach with a knife? Solis said she and her husband were terrified.

"This is the first time something's ever happened, I immediately sent it to my husband, and I'm like 'what the heck? Like, what is going on?'" she said. "He immediately went out to the garage to see if he could see anybody or if anybody was still around. He didn't see anybody, but that scared the daylights out of us."

Solis says she's never seen that man before in her life.

"That's kind of also the scary thing too, because he just looks like your typical, average guy that you see walking down the road," said neighbor Molly Pointon.

Solis shared the video on Facebook, alarming her community.

"What's the motive here?" Pointon said. "Is he just trying to scare people or is he actually trying to do bodily harm to another individual? I think that's the scariest part, is the not knowing."

"That was my concern the whole night," Solis said, "that he was going to find somebody else that didn't have a camera, and he would have done something to them."

La Porte police confirm Solis reported the incident.

"They said that this happens a lot, and they're really kind of harmless, and asked that, you know, maybe you should just pepper spray him and then call," Solis said.  

She recommends her neighbors beef up their security systems just like she has.

Police say they have no suspect information, so they don't have much to follow up on.

And technically, no crime was committed.

It's important to remember: if you see something in your neighborhood, say something.

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