DNR shooting ranges reopen Monday with changes

NOW: DNR shooting ranges reopen Monday with changes

LAPORTE, Ind.-- As the state of Indiana continues to re-open, you can now add shooting ranges to the list.

Most Department of Natural Resources ranges will re-open Monday, May 18th starting at 9 a.m. in line with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s back on track plan.

“We’re going to have every other shooting bench open, hand sanitizer available. Just this usual stuff you can expect these days," said DNR Fish & Wildlife assistant director of public lands, Brad Feaster.

You can add the requirement of wiping down your booth to that list, as well as a 50 percent maximum capacity.

ABC57 asked Feaster if the long pause in business because of the Coronavirus pandemic has put the ranges in a tight spot to stay open.

He tells ABC57, a spike in weapon sales is giving some of their funding a much needed boost.

“All of our ranges are funded through the Pittman Robertson fund which comes from the sales of those firearms and ammunition, like you’ve said people are buying firearms and ammo like crazy right now. There’s a big bump in that money. The other side of that, the state of Indiana, it’s a 75, 25 match. To get that 75 percent of the Pittman Robertson money, we have to have that match. It generally comes from the sale of fish and hunting licenses," said Feaster.

If you're planning on heading out today, face masks are recommended but not a requirement.

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