Donnelly campaigns across the state ahead of canceled Senate recess

NOW: Donnelly campaigns across the state ahead of canceled Senate recess

SOUTH BEND, Ind. –  November’s midterm is quickly approaching so Democratic Incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly is wasting no time meeting as many voters as he can in Indiana.

“I’m traveling the entire state and I’m going to be on the RV for the next 5,or 6 days,” he said. “We’ve spent a couple of days on it already seeing everybody in our state because there’s so much more wisdom in South Bend, Elkhart, New Carlisle and La Porte than there is in Washington D.C.”

Donnelly is looking to tap that wisdom briefly in the Hoosier state as he’s on borrowed time outside of the nation’s capital.

Whereas this month is typically when folks in congress get in last-minute summer stumping, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell canceled most of the chamber's August recess.

Waiting for him back in D.C. is the threat of a government shutdown.

The president tweeted last week; he wants Democrats to support funding for a border wall soon.

“I voted for funding for the wall on three different occasions so one of the things we really need is for the president to take yes for an answer,” said Sen. Donnelly.

Donnelly will also meet with the president’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh for the first time since he was announced.

“I want to make sure that’s he’s qualified, that he’s impartial, and that he has the appropriate judicial temperament,” he said.

But Donnelly is shifting his attention to his supporters in Indiana for now.

During a stop in South Bend on Saturday, he let them know what’s at stake.

In 2014, turnout statewide was about 28 percent, the lowest in the country.

He told voters Saturday, their turnout during this midterm could make a break his reelection bid against Mike Braun.

“Please make sure your voice is heard so we can make sure we protect health care, so we can make sure that our veterans are getting the care and treatment they need and they have an opportunity to have places like the new veteran’s center in Mishawka,” he said. “And so we can fight for good jobs with higher pay and make sure every boat rises in this country.”

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